our love will never die

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omg yeah! I so dream of a first baby SEAL little girl that would do hiking, you know all the guy stuff and Steve couldn’t be more proud

omg hiking yes! steve would be all “she climbed to the top on her own!” beaming with pride and he’d be the dad who yells “that’s my girl!” whenever she scores at one of her games :’)

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I was talking to Kendall about writing it the other day! Though I’d end up doing it in a Cath/Chin/Steve verse, because I have to put Chin in everything. ;)

yes yes goooooooood, i NEED ot3 fics *_______*

theredkiwii asked: First baby SEAL: girl or boy? I think I already know what you will pick but any excuse for baby SEAL graphics works for me ;)

i honestly don’t have a preference, i just want them to have babies :P

i wanted to have my own little verse to play in and that’s how lucy and jacob came to be. i like steve having a daughter and doing the same stuff with her that he would do with his son. she’d be wearing a cute little dress as they play football in the backyard. and i like the idea of grace being good friends with all her little cousins and they’re all girls and they hang out and then there’s jacob and they all spoil him and he loves it :D

like i just have lots of fic ideas for them but i truly love any and all versions of them with kids, whether they have twins or five boys or just one girl.

beckett-kendrick-vause-zane asked: Your blog rocks :D

awww thank you :D i like your url!