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After a near-death experience in North Korea, Freddie decides to live his life at the fullest. During his next leave he flies to Hawaii to spend time with Steve and Catherine, his best friends that he’s embarrassingly in love with. After several beers he takes his courage in both hands and kisses the two of them, hoping for the best. (It ends with all three in bed, together. Obviously).


This is a challenge in which you will get a bingo card with a prompt in each square. You can write a fic, draw fanart, create a fanvid etc. to fill a square. The point is to fill your card so you can get a bingo, which is 5 squares in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line.

  • Considering this is a rare pairs blog, the only pairings allowed are rare pairs (all pairings other than Steve/Danny, Steve/Catherine, and Steve/Kono). Slash, femslash and het are all welcome, as are threesomes/moresomes.
  • Please tag everything you make with #h50rpb so we can track it. The tag needs to be in the first 5 tags you use or we might not see your post. 
  • There is no deadline and no sign-ups. The point of this challenge is to inspire people to make things, so how you approach it is up to you. 
  • You can only use a work for one square, even if it fits more than one prompt.
  • Please post each bingo square piece individually; we will not reblog round-up posts. 
  • Choose which bingo card you want: #1 - #2 - #3. Feel free to jump around or pick a different card at any time. 


Wailua Falls from the Air ♦ Wailua, Hawaii, United States | by Henk Meijer 

beautifulwhensarcastic replied to your post:

I think Lenkov has about a dozen (if not more) theoretically different versions of the same answer. And if his “closure” doesn’t involve white dress, a baby, or at least those two dummies living together, he can go screw himself :P

preach it!

Question: Will Catherine be returning at all next season on Hawaii Five-0? —Kim
Ausiello: File that under Quite Possibly Maybe. “I’m definitely hoping to get [Michelle Borth] back, but I’m not sure when that will happen,” show boss Peter M. Lenkov told us. “But there will be some type of closure.” Until then, he says, “We’re playing a little bit of McGarrett mourning that relationship. Catherine is still [away] ‘doing the right thing’ and he understands that, but he’s heartbroken.”